While every other city has it’s own specialty, nothing beats Townsville. This laid back tropical city of Australia is not like any average tropical city, for Townsville is rich when it comes to city comforts. The resilience, diversity, lifestyle and economic potential of this Australian City attracts people from all over the world. It is regarded as one of the liveliest cities of Australia because of it’s dynamic and exciting lifestyle. But what does this second capital of Queensland offers, when some one wishes to move here ? Here’s is a list of things you can expect from this great city as you plan to move here:

1. World-class Facilities and Healthcare

When it comes to facilities like education and the health care, Townsville offers abundant of resources and outlets. With several educational institutes and training centers, Townsville surely is recognized as one of the most developed cities of Australia. Not only this, both public and private heath care options ensure that the residents can avail the best of options readily.

2. The Budget-Friendly Lifestyle

Although it is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations, for those who reside here know just how economical the lifestyle is. As compared to other states, the living costs in Townsville are comparatively lower. Not just the rentals, but maintenance services are cheaper as well. For instance, Townsville plumbers won’t cost you a fortune if you need their services, or even electricians are not very expensive. Although Townsville as a city is not so huge, therefore moving a little further out won’t be an issue too.

3. The Diverse Job Market

Townsville has a huge market, and in case you are looking for some job opportunity, there is a big fat chance that Townsville has something in stock for you. As compared to most other towns in Queensland, some of the huge Townsville markets looking for applicants include Defense forces, mining FIFO, local industry, tourism, local and state government. Due to such markets, Townsville has known to double its gross regional product too. With approximately $54 billion worth of projects currently in the pipeline, Townsville is all set to grow more.

4. Recreation and Fun at its Peak

When it comes to recreational activities, this city has just so much to offer. Be it the water sports or boasting the natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics, or the very vibrant nightlife you will not get tired of exploring. Not just this, but expect some great shopping centers and dining-in experiences as well, which means that this town has got something for everyone.

5. Expect a lot of National and International Events

Yearly, many events take place in Townsville, out of which the annual Australian Festival of Chamber Music creates a lot of international buzz. And if in case you are a artist, poet, or entertainer yourself, then you will get the chance to show case your talent in the Townsville Cultural Fest, every year.  The Townsville Civic Theater holds many local, national and international performances in different genres like dance, music, opera, comedy and drama.