Owning a house isn’t that expensive, but when it comes to maintenance, yes it can cost you some huge bucks. Normally, home improvements are though to be big budget plans, but that’s not true. Anything which brings you ease, be it a little addition or small, it is regarded as a effective improvement. Due to our curiosity, we do keep bringing in these little updates. However, there are some major hacks that will save you so much effort, while costing you just a few bucks. Some of the most creative hacks that you should introduce in your living space are:

1. Ice Cubes for Fixing Your Carpet Indentations

Now this is something which is bothersome. whenever you move a heavy piece of furniture, you can see the markings on your carpets. Although they do fade away with time but they never fully vanish. In order to fix this huge problem, whenever you move your furniture, or come across such indentations, simply put ice cubes on it. The ice cubes will melt and dry up and will restore your carpet to your original form.

2. Behold Another Shower Curtain Rod

To hang in extra stuff and have a clean bathroom instead of a messy one, you can install in an extra show curtain rod. This can be done near the shower curtain itself and you can hang in your extra stuff there. This will make everything appear in place and managing a easy job for you all.

3. Hide those Spare Keys


While it is not an intelligent move to throw away or stash your keys at some lousy place, you can however stuff them in a creative way. Get duplicate keys for each key of the house but select a locksmith carefully, because not all locksmiths are as honest as locksmith Sacramento. It is always advisable to keep your extra keys somewhere safe. Place your single key in a medicine bottle, and glue a pine cone at the end of it. Then you can bury this model anywhere you want. The pine cone will remind you of where your extra keys are.

4. Rubber-bands to Keep the Door from Locking

If you have little kids roaming around in your house then you know just how fascinated your little ones are with door knobs. However, their fascination is quite dangerous for they can lock themselves and not be able to open the door again. To save yourself from that tension, you can use rubber bands. Take a rubber band and put it on the one side of the door knob, then cross it over to the other side of the door knob. This will create a cross like pattern, at the point from where the lock pushes out. The stiff rubber band will make sure that the door never locks even if your toddlers try to do so.

5. Foam Noodles in Your Garage

One of the most reckless mistake we all are guilty of doing is, opening our car doors and smashing them into the garage walls. In order to save your vehicles from such unnecessary scratches, you can fix in foam noodles. In a partition, you can fix a foam noodle, and it will surely bear the impact from your doors. If you don’t want to create a partition, just slice the foam noodle in half and paste it on the wall that tends to come in contact with your vehicles the most.