When it comes to buying a house, we all tend to rely a lot on our agents. You would be checking out different houses and different house sellers. While it may not come as anything surprising, but many home sellers have a few tricks up their sleeves which makes the house look bigger and better. This staged setting is not necessarily ethically wrong for it only makes the living space appear more presentable, but if you still want to know the real worth of the house, then there are a few things with which you can decode the staged setting instantly:

1. Be Clear on What you Want

Firstly you need to know what you really want. With all the house surfing you will have some idea of what you want and what can be done. But with every different house, there is a big probability that your list of wants increases. For instance, if you want a kitchen in the middle and you see a magnificent kitchen on the side of the room, do not get carried away, because once you shift in, it would be a long, hard process to get the kitchen to any other place. Plus, if you come across a house that’s large but relatively cheaper, keep in mind that larger houses demand more furnishing and maintenance. That’s why always being clear on your demands will get you the perfect house.

2. Look at Everything

There is a difference between the show-casing setting and the living-in setting. Real estate PRO, Gracie Weis of the Blonde Girl¬†Homebuyers, Jacksonville, recommends being vigilant as sellers normally employ several staging techniques, like putting in small furniture and then once you bring in the real furniture, the spaces looks smaller than usual. It is best to know the size of your furniture and the volume of your possessions, so that you can stand in a new house and be able to imagine how it would “really” look.

3. Evaluate and Look for Quality

While you are looking around, there are a few areas which would indicate the real condition of the house. For instance, check the water marks under the sink, look at the solid doors, corners of the ceramic tiles etc. In fact, don’t be shy and move around the boxes or rugs to see the floors clearly. Move around the curtains to see the real size of the windows. Some sellers install in longer curtains which give the appearance of large windows. While some minor modifications would be clearly visible which would indicate some fixes done, but a solid house is far much more better than a house build on cheap fixes.

4. Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Be it small or complex always ask questions until you are satisfied. And while you are not solely relying on your real estate agent, you can also do some research on your own to be 100% sure before making the big decision. The communication and investigation you do, will surely pay off.