When it comes to real estate moving, we all know just how unexpected and tiresome it can be. Now even if you have military precision and planning done, the stress, confusion and expenses will all be a part of the whole moving process. However, there are plenty of ways through which you can manage your expenses and save yourself a large portion of the headache and that is by hiring the right kind of professional movers. So in case you are planning a move, take a look at these tips gathered from our expert movers in Bellevue, to help you plan a more successful and stress-free closing:

1. Be Clear on Your Closing Day

Your closing day is the day when the next owner gets hold of the property. Normally the date is scheduled via your dealer. Know your dates and time, such that you don’t end up in a situation where you are paying for two houses at a time. The ideal way to combat such double mortgage situation is to keep a week in between your moving and closing day. This way you will enough time to move comfortably and hand over the facility as well. Save money and be sure to discuss out all options with your dealer to save yourself from unnecessary payments.

2. Make Arrangements on Time

One of the biggest mistake people tend to make is not consider the true value of time. Even if you are hiring a professional, you need to take things in a orderly manner. Never move on the official closing day. Not only will it be far much more stressful, but there is a huge chance of things falling apart at the wrong time. Always communicate and plan things with movers, and take steps orderly.

3. Moving containers are your best friends

Planning is always followed by the next step which is packing. To make moving easier, moving containers or “pods” are available, which are big crates that you can fill up with your things. This way you have the opportunity of storing things for movement as well, and it is far much more easier to ┬áhandle, as per the movers too. Be sure to discard of useless and unused stuff as well. Use this moment to filter out all unnecessary stuff.

4. Dealing with Fragile Items

Keeping in mind the number of fragile items laying around in a normal house, not everyone can bring in bubble wraps for everyone of them. The best way to pack such items is to use solid boxes and cover them in clothing. Use clothes to wrap dishes and other breakable items. Instead of stacking plates on one another, place them vertically like vinyl records. Fit in as many things you can so that the box feels tight. Use different tapes or mark such boxes . Also, Mark your boxes and number them so that you know exactly how many boxes need to be shifted instead of the oral counting.

Moving can be an intimidating task, but whatever situation persists, the best way to combat is to communicate. You will have better insight and more clarity.