Yes it is true. Renovations and upgrades will add in a visible increase to your property value.

But how exactly?

Normally, the investment in your renovation will pay off with a greater profit percentage because a new and updated living space always tops the demand lists in the real estate market. This new space presents you with two lateral options: either rent it out or sell it off, which lays entirely on you. But in short you get paid in the best ways possible. So in case you have always wondered just how you can increase your house value, then here are some few steps that you can take, as per experts:

1. Focus on Bedrooms

bedroomLet’s just put it this way, bedrooms are the soul of the house. A well designed and comfortable yet decent bedroom will always be the winner in the market. and the good news is: they would not require much of a remodeling change. You can always play with the looks by changing the curtains, the furniture, the mattress and even the color scheme. With the addition of patterned or textured wallpapers, you can bring in an extra highlight and to really take the comfort a notch up, consider including in top quality bedding and best luxury hotel collection pillows to make your bedroom look like a hotel bedroom.

2. Considering Remodeling

The taboo that surrounds remodeling is that it comes expensive. However, the fact is that all the initial costs are covered in the long term. A remodeled house will be considered as the best in the market and depending on the kind of work done, you can quote the price of your choice as well. A remodeling plan can include rebuilding, redecoration, new paint work, new flooring, updating bathroom, kitchen and bedroom layouts and even including a patio.

The most crucial renovations will involve the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms as no remodeled house is considered to be complete, if these three are not enhanced.

3. Flooring vs Carpeting

This one change can really impact the whole outlook of your living space. While fully carpeted homes have been the traditional winners and give the sense of coziness, a hard-floored house gives the much needed elegant persona. The trends of carpets can never die out, but now wooden flooring is the most in demand. Including in rugs can add in the perfect balance of class and comfort as well. Plus, floors are easier to maintain and clean up. This is why with hardwood floors, you can expect an immediate rise in property valuation.

4. Fitting in New Taps

tapsWhile the bathroom and the kitchen can never be ignored, one quick fix that will give the much needed new-look, is to fit in new taps and accessories. The bathrooms and kitchens take a whole lot of beating, a little bit of updating can restore their good shape. By fitting new, good-looking, matching taps, or taps that link aesthetically, you’re bringing a sense of cohesion to the house. Good taps also suggest good plumbing, which would save you a lot of hassle and increase the lifeline of these areas.