It’s true, we invest a lot in our living space and like every other thing, even the house setting has its own set of trends. While re-modelling our homes is a long tedious task it pays off at the end of the day. There are a number of reasons for which you should always consider including improvements and updates in your living space. The most logical of all is the fact that it increases the value of your house, which is a great thing in case you consider selling or renting out your living space. An updated home is visually appealing, here are some of the most popular home improvements:

Beginning with the Main Doors

One of the most expensive, yet absolute must trend has been changing the front doors. It mainly involves including darker colours, with matte finish. The typical one door has now been replaced with two-door way. Instead of the paint, Pure Oakwood doors in darker hues are preferred.

Say Bye-Bye to the Typical Bath Tubs

While bathrooms are relatively updated every now and then, there has been a remarkable change in the past decade. The old traditional marble tubs have been laid to rest. Instead shower stalls are the new “in” thing.  Homeowners are now more interested in walk-in showers, with glass capsules. It is not only easier to maintain, but is very manageable in terms of cleanliness. There is a variety of shower-heads available as well, among which the rain-shower is a market favorite.

The Painted- Dark finished Cabinets


When it comes to cabinets, the trend change is pretty fascinating. From oak and cherry cabinets, now people ask for dark finished and dark painted cabinets. They add in a rich, classic look and again being dark in colour hides any unnecessary stain. In case you are interested in bringing in the same change, you don’t need to replace all your cabinets, because that would be pretty expensive. You can, however, refinish or reface the front of cabinets and drawers.

Quartz Counters

One of the biggest change that has come in the kitchen space is probably the replacement of granite countertops with engineered quartz. While you will still see granite countertops in use, but Engineering quartz has been topping the market due to its durability and strength. Secondly, it appears like a stone and gives the same appearance and shine, all while being very easy to maintain.

Oak Wood Stairways

The oakwood hasn’t really left our houses. Instead, they have moved to the stairways. The typical marble staircase was replaced by the laminated, glossy stairways, but it ended in ruins. Due to weather conditions like Humidity, the laminated engineered flooring turns into ruins, with gaps and in some case complete deterioration. Now the trend is shifting to including solid oak wood flooring. The solid floor won’t swell up, last longer and definitely looks much more classy.

All the trends that are now being recorded are found to be involving one factor in common: easy maintenance and longer life-line.