5 Things Everyone Should Buy When Moving to a New Home

Whenever you plan to move in your new apartment or house, you are more likely to remember the big things like the bed, the couch etc. But it will be the little things that you will need the most, especially when you start unpacking. In all the hustle and bustle, you will find yourself packing almost everything and anything, and in all honesty, you will be too tired to start unpacking right away. That is why, it’s important that you keep a few things at hand distance, or buy in before moving to your new living space. Here’s a list of things that you would immediately need and should essentially buy :

1. Disposable Cutlery

Your kitchen is the last area to be packed, before you decide to move out. When you move in to your new living space, you will see yourself ordering food or sticking to the basic frozen food items. Therefore, be intelligent and buy disposable cups, plates, spoons, table clothes etc, for at this time  you won’t need to clean up the mess. In addition to this, it will buy you more time until the kitchen in fully running.

2. Cleaner and Washer

Whatever place to decide to live in, you will need to clean it up before unpacking anything. Obviously you won’t be carrying your previous cleaners, detergents and utensils with you as it will add in nothing but useless weight to your carriage, so after you move in, its time to purchase all new cleaning items. This will include dusters, brooms, garbage cans and bags, cleaning towels and solutions, dish soap and detergents.

3. Bedding

Changing places is your ideal chance to get rid off worn out quilts, bed covers and cushions. While you are going to be working tirelessly throughout the day, it won’t hurt to buy yourself special bedding and have a good night sleep. For instance, what could be more comfortable then ending a long day on a super comfortable zero motion transfer mattress? Therefore, always check in new bedding for the new house.

4. Lighting

lightingThe lighting in your new apartment is never guaranteed to be friendly and adequate. Although, you will survive on it for some time but once the different areas start to take their initial shapes, you will find yourself panicking over the final look. This is why it is advisable to buy at least a couple of good lamps. The pro of this investment is that nice lighting does not cost much and there are a lot of second hand options available as well.

5. The Random yet Absolute Day-Savers

This includes everything little that it often forgotten or not taken seriously. Your tool box, first aid box, medications, flash lights, extension cords, batteries, routers, electronics, smoke detectors etc are some of the things without which you can not even imagine to settle. All these random things won’t cost you much and will surely help you a lot, especially once you start unpacking.


6 Tips to Choose the Best Roofers in Portland

If you are dealing with a damaged roof and you need to replace it as soon as possible, then you should look for the best roofers in Portland to offer professional services in fixing, repairing, or replacing your roof. You need to make sure that you will be able to find an experienced and qualified Portland roofer to ensure that your money is worth it and you will be able to fix the roof in your home in no time. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

1. Ask for references in the local area

As much as possible, you should only hire local Portland roofers because that would reduce the chance of being scammed. Aside from that, local roofers know the rules and regulations in your local area, and they will be able to deal with the crews and suppliers around the area.

2. Check out the manufacturer designation

The manufacturer designation is some badge that you should look in your potential roofer because that will indicate that they have passed the standards and requirements and they are recognized and considered by the factory. To ensure that your roofer is skilled and professional, looking for their manufacturer designation can help you a lot.

3. Consider the safety

Since your roofer will be working on top of your house to fix your roof, you need to make sure that they can observe safety and proper practices so that you will be able to avoid accidents in the process of repairing your roof. That is why it is very important to look for the manufacturer designation so that you will be able to determine whether or not the roofer knows exactly what he is doing.

4. Look for insurance

Do not let them start their work if they have no insurance. As much as possible, you should protect yourself and your property in case anything happens. For instance, if the roofer got injured in the process of fixing your roof then you should make an agreement beforehand that you are not held liable or responsible for any incident that might occur during the work.

5. Check their license

Also, do not let them start their work if they refuse to show their license to you. It is not enough that they have already shown you the license and asked for a copy. Most states will require a license for a roofer so that they are now allowed to work in a certain area.

6. Be aware of the choices of materials

Make sure that you know what certain materials are they going to use and if it is sturdy and high quality or not. Your contractor should be able to present to you the materials that they are trying to sue, but it is better if you do your research so that you will be able to determine whether or not the material is suitable for your house and can last for a longer service life.


4 Crucial Things to Consider Before Packing and Moving

When it comes to real estate moving, we all know just how unexpected and tiresome it can be. Now even if you have military precision and planning done, the stress, confusion and expenses will all be a part of the whole moving process. However, there are plenty of ways through which you can manage your expenses and save yourself a large portion of the headache and that is by hiring the right kind of professional movers. So in case you are planning a move, take a look at these tips gathered from our expert movers in Bellevue, to help you plan a more successful and stress-free closing:

1. Be Clear on Your Closing Day

Your closing day is the day when the next owner gets hold of the property. Normally the date is scheduled via your dealer. Know your dates and time, such that you don’t end up in a situation where you are paying for two houses at a time. The ideal way to combat such double mortgage situation is to keep a week in between your moving and closing day. This way you will enough time to move comfortably and hand over the facility as well. Save money and be sure to discuss out all options with your dealer to save yourself from unnecessary payments.

2. Make Arrangements on Time

One of the biggest mistake people tend to make is not consider the true value of time. Even if you are hiring a professional, you need to take things in a orderly manner. Never move on the official closing day. Not only will it be far much more stressful, but there is a huge chance of things falling apart at the wrong time. Always communicate and plan things with movers, and take steps orderly.

3. Moving containers are your best friends

Planning is always followed by the next step which is packing. To make moving easier, moving containers or “pods” are available, which are big crates that you can fill up with your things. This way you have the opportunity of storing things for movement as well, and it is far much more easier to  handle, as per the movers too. Be sure to discard of useless and unused stuff as well. Use this moment to filter out all unnecessary stuff.

4. Dealing with Fragile Items

Keeping in mind the number of fragile items laying around in a normal house, not everyone can bring in bubble wraps for everyone of them. The best way to pack such items is to use solid boxes and cover them in clothing. Use clothes to wrap dishes and other breakable items. Instead of stacking plates on one another, place them vertically like vinyl records. Fit in as many things you can so that the box feels tight. Use different tapes or mark such boxes . Also, Mark your boxes and number them so that you know exactly how many boxes need to be shifted instead of the oral counting.

Moving can be an intimidating task, but whatever situation persists, the best way to combat is to communicate. You will have better insight and more clarity.


5 Simple Home Improvement Hacks Sure to Make Your Life Easy

Owning a house isn’t that expensive, but when it comes to maintenance, yes it can cost you some huge bucks. Normally, home improvements are though to be big budget plans, but that’s not true. Anything which brings you ease, be it a little addition or small, it is regarded as a effective improvement. Due to our curiosity, we do keep bringing in these little updates. However, there are some major hacks that will save you so much effort, while costing you just a few bucks. Some of the most creative hacks that you should introduce in your living space are:

1. Ice Cubes for Fixing Your Carpet Indentations

Now this is something which is bothersome. whenever you move a heavy piece of furniture, you can see the markings on your carpets. Although they do fade away with time but they never fully vanish. In order to fix this huge problem, whenever you move your furniture, or come across such indentations, simply put ice cubes on it. The ice cubes will melt and dry up and will restore your carpet to your original form.

2. Behold Another Shower Curtain Rod

To hang in extra stuff and have a clean bathroom instead of a messy one, you can install in an extra show curtain rod. This can be done near the shower curtain itself and you can hang in your extra stuff there. This will make everything appear in place and managing a easy job for you all.

3. Hide those Spare Keys


While it is not an intelligent move to throw away or stash your keys at some lousy place, you can however stuff them in a creative way. Get duplicate keys for each key of the house but select a locksmith carefully, because not all locksmiths are as honest as locksmith Sacramento. It is always advisable to keep your extra keys somewhere safe. Place your single key in a medicine bottle, and glue a pine cone at the end of it. Then you can bury this model anywhere you want. The pine cone will remind you of where your extra keys are.

4. Rubber-bands to Keep the Door from Locking

If you have little kids roaming around in your house then you know just how fascinated your little ones are with door knobs. However, their fascination is quite dangerous for they can lock themselves and not be able to open the door again. To save yourself from that tension, you can use rubber bands. Take a rubber band and put it on the one side of the door knob, then cross it over to the other side of the door knob. This will create a cross like pattern, at the point from where the lock pushes out. The stiff rubber band will make sure that the door never locks even if your toddlers try to do so.

5. Foam Noodles in Your Garage

One of the most reckless mistake we all are guilty of doing is, opening our car doors and smashing them into the garage walls. In order to save your vehicles from such unnecessary scratches, you can fix in foam noodles. In a partition, you can fix a foam noodle, and it will surely bear the impact from your doors. If you don’t want to create a partition, just slice the foam noodle in half and paste it on the wall that tends to come in contact with your vehicles the most.


Home Improvement: What’s Trending in 2017?

It’s true, we invest a lot in our living space and like every other thing, even the house setting has its own set of trends. While re-modelling our homes is a long tedious task it pays off at the end of the day. There are a number of reasons for which you should always consider including improvements and updates in your living space. The most logical of all is the fact that it increases the value of your house, which is a great thing in case you consider selling or renting out your living space. An updated home is visually appealing, here are some of the most popular home improvements:

Beginning with the Main Doors

One of the most expensive, yet absolute must trend has been changing the front doors. It mainly involves including darker colours, with matte finish. The typical one door has now been replaced with two-door way. Instead of the paint, Pure Oakwood doors in darker hues are preferred.

Say Bye-Bye to the Typical Bath Tubs

While bathrooms are relatively updated every now and then, there has been a remarkable change in the past decade. The old traditional marble tubs have been laid to rest. Instead shower stalls are the new “in” thing.  Homeowners are now more interested in walk-in showers, with glass capsules. It is not only easier to maintain, but is very manageable in terms of cleanliness. There is a variety of shower-heads available as well, among which the rain-shower is a market favorite.

The Painted- Dark finished Cabinets


When it comes to cabinets, the trend change is pretty fascinating. From oak and cherry cabinets, now people ask for dark finished and dark painted cabinets. They add in a rich, classic look and again being dark in colour hides any unnecessary stain. In case you are interested in bringing in the same change, you don’t need to replace all your cabinets, because that would be pretty expensive. You can, however, refinish or reface the front of cabinets and drawers.

Quartz Counters

One of the biggest change that has come in the kitchen space is probably the replacement of granite countertops with engineered quartz. While you will still see granite countertops in use, but Engineering quartz has been topping the market due to its durability and strength. Secondly, it appears like a stone and gives the same appearance and shine, all while being very easy to maintain.

Oak Wood Stairways

The oakwood hasn’t really left our houses. Instead, they have moved to the stairways. The typical marble staircase was replaced by the laminated, glossy stairways, but it ended in ruins. Due to weather conditions like Humidity, the laminated engineered flooring turns into ruins, with gaps and in some case complete deterioration. Now the trend is shifting to including solid oak wood flooring. The solid floor won’t swell up, last longer and definitely looks much more classy.

All the trends that are now being recorded are found to be involving one factor in common: easy maintenance and longer life-line.