4 Crucial Things to Consider Before Packing and Moving

When it comes to real estate moving, we all know just how unexpected and tiresome it can be. Now even if you have military precision and planning done, the stress, confusion and expenses will all be a part of the whole moving process. However, there are plenty of ways through which you can manage your expenses and save yourself a large portion of the headache and that is by hiring the right kind of professional movers. So in case you are planning a move, take a look at these tips gathered from our expert movers in Bellevue, to help you plan a more successful and stress-free closing:

1. Be Clear on Your Closing Day

Your closing day is the day when the next owner gets hold of the property. Normally the date is scheduled via your dealer. Know your dates and time, such that you don’t end up in a situation where you are paying for two houses at a time. The ideal way to combat such double mortgage situation is to keep a week in between your moving and closing day. This way you will enough time to move comfortably and hand over the facility as well. Save money and be sure to discuss out all options with your dealer to save yourself from unnecessary payments.

2. Make Arrangements on Time

One of the biggest mistake people tend to make is not consider the true value of time. Even if you are hiring a professional, you need to take things in a orderly manner. Never move on the official closing day. Not only will it be far much more stressful, but there is a huge chance of things falling apart at the wrong time. Always communicate and plan things with movers, and take steps orderly.

3. Moving containers are your best friends

Planning is always followed by the next step which is packing. To make moving easier, moving containers or “pods” are available, which are big crates that you can fill up with your things. This way you have the opportunity of storing things for movement as well, and it is far much more easier to  handle, as per the movers too. Be sure to discard of useless and unused stuff as well. Use this moment to filter out all unnecessary stuff.

4. Dealing with Fragile Items

Keeping in mind the number of fragile items laying around in a normal house, not everyone can bring in bubble wraps for everyone of them. The best way to pack such items is to use solid boxes and cover them in clothing. Use clothes to wrap dishes and other breakable items. Instead of stacking plates on one another, place them vertically like vinyl records. Fit in as many things you can so that the box feels tight. Use different tapes or mark such boxes . Also, Mark your boxes and number them so that you know exactly how many boxes need to be shifted instead of the oral counting.

Moving can be an intimidating task, but whatever situation persists, the best way to combat is to communicate. You will have better insight and more clarity.


5 Simple Home Improvement Hacks Sure to Make Your Life Easy

Owning a house isn’t that expensive, but when it comes to maintenance, yes it can cost you some huge bucks. Normally, home improvements are though to be big budget plans, but that’s not true. Anything which brings you ease, be it a little addition or small, it is regarded as a effective improvement. Due to our curiosity, we do keep bringing in these little updates. However, there are some major hacks that will save you so much effort, while costing you just a few bucks. Some of the most creative hacks that you should introduce in your living space are:

1. Ice Cubes for Fixing Your Carpet Indentations

Now this is something which is bothersome. whenever you move a heavy piece of furniture, you can see the markings on your carpets. Although they do fade away with time but they never fully vanish. In order to fix this huge problem, whenever you move your furniture, or come across such indentations, simply put ice cubes on it. The ice cubes will melt and dry up and will restore your carpet to your original form.

2. Behold Another Shower Curtain Rod

To hang in extra stuff and have a clean bathroom instead of a messy one, you can install in an extra show curtain rod. This can be done near the shower curtain itself and you can hang in your extra stuff there. This will make everything appear in place and managing a easy job for you all.

3. Hide those Spare Keys


While it is not an intelligent move to throw away or stash your keys at some lousy place, you can however stuff them in a creative way. Get duplicate keys for each key of the house but select a locksmith carefully, because not all locksmiths are as honest as locksmith Sacramento. It is always advisable to keep your extra keys somewhere safe. Place your single key in a medicine bottle, and glue a pine cone at the end of it. Then you can bury this model anywhere you want. The pine cone will remind you of where your extra keys are.

4. Rubber-bands to Keep the Door from Locking

If you have little kids roaming around in your house then you know just how fascinated your little ones are with door knobs. However, their fascination is quite dangerous for they can lock themselves and not be able to open the door again. To save yourself from that tension, you can use rubber bands. Take a rubber band and put it on the one side of the door knob, then cross it over to the other side of the door knob. This will create a cross like pattern, at the point from where the lock pushes out. The stiff rubber band will make sure that the door never locks even if your toddlers try to do so.

5. Foam Noodles in Your Garage

One of the most reckless mistake we all are guilty of doing is, opening our car doors and smashing them into the garage walls. In order to save your vehicles from such unnecessary scratches, you can fix in foam noodles. In a partition, you can fix a foam noodle, and it will surely bear the impact from your doors. If you don’t want to create a partition, just slice the foam noodle in half and paste it on the wall that tends to come in contact with your vehicles the most.


Home Improvement: What’s Trending in 2017?

It’s true, we invest a lot in our living space and like every other thing, even the house setting has its own set of trends. While re-modelling our homes is a long tedious task it pays off at the end of the day. There are a number of reasons for which you should always consider including improvements and updates in your living space. The most logical of all is the fact that it increases the value of your house, which is a great thing in case you consider selling or renting out your living space. An updated home is visually appealing, here are some of the most popular home improvements:

Beginning with the Main Doors

One of the most expensive, yet absolute must trend has been changing the front doors. It mainly involves including darker colours, with matte finish. The typical one door has now been replaced with two-door way. Instead of the paint, Pure Oakwood doors in darker hues are preferred.

Say Bye-Bye to the Typical Bath Tubs

While bathrooms are relatively updated every now and then, there has been a remarkable change in the past decade. The old traditional marble tubs have been laid to rest. Instead shower stalls are the new “in” thing.  Homeowners are now more interested in walk-in showers, with glass capsules. It is not only easier to maintain, but is very manageable in terms of cleanliness. There is a variety of shower-heads available as well, among which the rain-shower is a market favorite.

The Painted- Dark finished Cabinets


When it comes to cabinets, the trend change is pretty fascinating. From oak and cherry cabinets, now people ask for dark finished and dark painted cabinets. They add in a rich, classic look and again being dark in colour hides any unnecessary stain. In case you are interested in bringing in the same change, you don’t need to replace all your cabinets, because that would be pretty expensive. You can, however, refinish or reface the front of cabinets and drawers.

Quartz Counters

One of the biggest change that has come in the kitchen space is probably the replacement of granite countertops with engineered quartz. While you will still see granite countertops in use, but Engineering quartz has been topping the market due to its durability and strength. Secondly, it appears like a stone and gives the same appearance and shine, all while being very easy to maintain.

Oak Wood Stairways

The oakwood hasn’t really left our houses. Instead, they have moved to the stairways. The typical marble staircase was replaced by the laminated, glossy stairways, but it ended in ruins. Due to weather conditions like Humidity, the laminated engineered flooring turns into ruins, with gaps and in some case complete deterioration. Now the trend is shifting to including solid oak wood flooring. The solid floor won’t swell up, last longer and definitely looks much more classy.

All the trends that are now being recorded are found to be involving one factor in common: easy maintenance and longer life-line.


4 Stunning Ideas that will Transform Your Backyard Space

Just like you are careful about every other area of your house, your backyard needs attention too. With backyards you get abundant and open space, that you can transform according to your need and style. Whether you want to expand your patio, or add in something interesting in your backyard, this whole upgrading does not take long.

But what exactly can you do with all the free space?

Here are some ridiculously amazing projects that you will enjoy completing, with the end result being spectacular as well:

1. Your Personal Natural Movie Theater

Consider having a fun filled movie night, all in the back of your house. Now this is a ideal function in which you can invite anyone, or just make it a cozy little setting for yourself. Include in rugs, lights and pillow quilts to create that comfy home feeling. The whole setting would remind you of your slumber party days and teenage movie nights for sure. Your lounge movie theater,home made nachos and good friends will come in handy for such settings.

2. Fun Place for Children

You can easily convert your backyard into the biggest amusement area for your children by rolling a few tricks up your sleeves. Using hula hoops and shower curtains, you can create small hideouts for your little ones. And in case you have a trampoline in your homes, why not bury the trampoline and make a jumpy ground for them? It is not only safer than the traditional above ground trampoline, but aesthetically pleasing as well. In addition to this, in case you have nothing in your backyard, but want your children to play outside more, make your very on rope course corner by using threads. This will genuinely keep them occupied and active.

3. Mini-Greenhouse

Now this one is a adult’s favorite. We all are familiar with just how mesmerizing glass windowed greenhouses look, and its not just the looks, but the fact that you can grow your favorite vegetables and herbs in them throughout the year, this is why most people look forward to this idea. As expensive it may look, it does not require anything special. However, you have the option of DIY or relying on some Greenhouse kits, for which you can consult this great review of different greenhouse kits available in the market.

4. More Patio

Patio Porch

You can never go wrong with Patio. It will add in a lot more class to your backyard. Don’t confine yourself to a tiny patio space. With a few tools and a bag of concrete mix, you can quickly and easily extend your outdoor room by adding a fresh concrete slab. To create a safe, skid-resistant finish, gently brush a broom over the concrete once it has lost its sheen. To any existing patio, you can add in some color to it as well, just by spray painting some bland patio tiles. This hack will give you the option of re-doing and changing the colors every now and then as well.



5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New House

So you’re ready to buy the house of your dreams with all the cash in your hand.

But wait!!!

You don’t want to regret making the worst decision of your life. Do you?

Buying a new hose is not as easy as it seems to be. Plus it gets super-tough when it’s your first time and you have no prior experience in this field. From assessing the building material used in the construction to the safety aspects of your new house, there are a lot of factors that get overlooked most of the times.

To save yourself from future regrets, I am going to list down 5 of the most important things to consider while you buy your dream house.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Consider Re-sale Value

Most of the buyers will totally ignore this factor when it comes to buying a new house. Don’t forget that you are going to make a long-term investment and you must thing long-term as well. Plan for your kids as if this home will be good enough for your kids to live their lives in or not. Surroundings of the house also affect resale value in either positive or a negative way. For example, if you are buying a house in outskirts, there will be very less potential buyers that have kids going to school daily. Similarly, other factors like closeness to markets, parks, commercial areas, also influences the resale value.

2. Haste Makes Waste

Don’t fall prey to the first property you see and like. If you are thinking that you won’t find more properties like this, you are wrong and just cheating yourself. Chances are that you will find even better properties if you wait and browse some more. Don’t be scared of skipping a property. It’s not the end of life but beginning to a better choice. Take good time to assess a property before you make your final buying decision.

3. Create a Checklist

This is another important thing most buyers will miss. If you are just going to trust your memory, I am sure you will miss a lot of things. It’s better to make an inspection checklist and then do that one by one. It’s also recommended that you get a home inspector along in order to get it done in a better and professional way. This checklist may include inspections of building material used, quality of construction, electrical fittings, bathroom fittings and fixtures, tiles and floors, etc.

4. Neighborhood

Well, you are going to make biggest investment of your life and probably spend rest of your life in this house. Your neighbors are the people you are going to see every now and then. If you have young kids, you don’t want to live in a neighborhood that is full of drug addicts.

So make your decision wisely and assess your neighborhood carefully before buying a new house.

5. Read Contract Carefully

First things first. I understand that the joy of buying a new house is unmatched. However, taking few things easy like the contract might cause you to suffer later on. Therefore, read the contract carefully. Go through all terms and clauses one by one and make sure everything is up to the mark.
Here are some more actionable tips for a first-time buyer:

By following these simple tips, you are just one step closer to getting peace of mind for making the most expensive of your life.

Good Luck!