4 Things That Will Increase the Value of Your House

Yes it is true. Renovations and upgrades will add in a visible increase to your property value.

But how exactly?

Normally, the investment in your renovation will pay off with a greater profit percentage because a new and updated living space always tops the demand lists in the real estate market. This new space presents you with two lateral options: either rent it out or sell it off, which lays entirely on you. But in short you get paid in the best ways possible. So in case you have always wondered just how you can increase your house value, then here are some few steps that you can take, as per experts:

1. Focus on Bedrooms

bedroomLet’s just put it this way, bedrooms are the soul of the house. A well designed and comfortable yet decent bedroom will always be the winner in the market. and the good news is: they would not require much of a remodeling change. You can always play with the looks by changing the curtains, the furniture, the mattress and even the color scheme. With the addition of patterned or textured wallpapers, you can bring in an extra highlight and to really take the comfort a notch up, consider including in top quality bedding and best luxury hotel collection pillows to make your bedroom look like a hotel bedroom.

2. Considering Remodeling

The taboo that surrounds remodeling is that it comes expensive. However, the fact is that all the initial costs are covered in the long term. A remodeled house will be considered as the best in the market and depending on the kind of work done, you can quote the price of your choice as well. A remodeling plan can include rebuilding, redecoration, new paint work, new flooring, updating bathroom, kitchen and bedroom layouts and even including a patio.

The most crucial renovations will involve the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms as no remodeled house is considered to be complete, if these three are not enhanced.

3. Flooring vs Carpeting

This one change can really impact the whole outlook of your living space. While fully carpeted homes have been the traditional winners and give the sense of coziness, a hard-floored house gives the much needed elegant persona. The trends of carpets can never die out, but now wooden flooring is the most in demand. Including in rugs can add in the perfect balance of class and comfort as well. Plus, floors are easier to maintain and clean up. This is why with hardwood floors, you can expect an immediate rise in property valuation.

4. Fitting in New Taps

tapsWhile the bathroom and the kitchen can never be ignored, one quick fix that will give the much needed new-look, is to fit in new taps and accessories. The bathrooms and kitchens take a whole lot of beating, a little bit of updating can restore their good shape. By fitting new, good-looking, matching taps, or taps that link aesthetically, you’re bringing a sense of cohesion to the house. Good taps also suggest good plumbing, which would save you a lot of hassle and increase the lifeline of these areas.


4 Tips to See Past the ‘Staged’ House

When it comes to buying a house, we all tend to rely a lot on our agents. You would be checking out different houses and different house sellers. While it may not come as anything surprising, but many home sellers have a few tricks up their sleeves which makes the house look bigger and better. This staged setting is not necessarily ethically wrong for it only makes the living space appear more presentable, but if you still want to know the real worth of the house, then there are a few things with which you can decode the staged setting instantly:

1. Be Clear on What you Want

Firstly you need to know what you really want. With all the house surfing you will have some idea of what you want and what can be done. But with every different house, there is a big probability that your list of wants increases. For instance, if you want a kitchen in the middle and you see a magnificent kitchen on the side of the room, do not get carried away, because once you shift in, it would be a long, hard process to get the kitchen to any other place. Plus, if you come across a house that’s large but relatively cheaper, keep in mind that larger houses demand more furnishing and maintenance. That’s why always being clear on your demands will get you the perfect house.

2. Look at Everything

There is a difference between the show-casing setting and the living-in setting. Real estate PRO, Gracie Weis of the Blonde Girl Homebuyers, Jacksonville, recommends being vigilant as sellers normally employ several staging techniques, like putting in small furniture and then once you bring in the real furniture, the spaces looks smaller than usual. It is best to know the size of your furniture and the volume of your possessions, so that you can stand in a new house and be able to imagine how it would “really” look.

3. Evaluate and Look for Quality

While you are looking around, there are a few areas which would indicate the real condition of the house. For instance, check the water marks under the sink, look at the solid doors, corners of the ceramic tiles etc. In fact, don’t be shy and move around the boxes or rugs to see the floors clearly. Move around the curtains to see the real size of the windows. Some sellers install in longer curtains which give the appearance of large windows. While some minor modifications would be clearly visible which would indicate some fixes done, but a solid house is far much more better than a house build on cheap fixes.

4. Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions. Be it small or complex always ask questions until you are satisfied. And while you are not solely relying on your real estate agent, you can also do some research on your own to be 100% sure before making the big decision. The communication and investigation you do, will surely pay off.


5 Things Everyone Should Buy When Moving to a New Home

Whenever you plan to move in your new apartment or house, you are more likely to remember the big things like the bed, the couch etc. But it will be the little things that you will need the most, especially when you start unpacking. In all the hustle and bustle, you will find yourself packing almost everything and anything, and in all honesty, you will be too tired to start unpacking right away. That is why, it’s important that you keep a few things at hand distance, or buy in before moving to your new living space. Here’s a list of things that you would immediately need and should essentially buy :

1. Disposable Cutlery

Your kitchen is the last area to be packed, before you decide to move out. When you move in to your new living space, you will see yourself ordering food or sticking to the basic frozen food items. Therefore, be intelligent and buy disposable cups, plates, spoons, table clothes etc, for at this time  you won’t need to clean up the mess. In addition to this, it will buy you more time until the kitchen in fully running.

2. Cleaner and Washer

Whatever place to decide to live in, you will need to clean it up before unpacking anything. Obviously you won’t be carrying your previous cleaners, detergents and utensils with you as it will add in nothing but useless weight to your carriage, so after you move in, its time to purchase all new cleaning items. This will include dusters, brooms, garbage cans and bags, cleaning towels and solutions, dish soap and detergents.

3. Bedding

Changing places is your ideal chance to get rid off worn out quilts, bed covers and cushions. While you are going to be working tirelessly throughout the day, it won’t hurt to buy yourself special bedding and have a good night sleep. For instance, what could be more comfortable then ending a long day on a super comfortable zero motion transfer mattress? Therefore, always check in new bedding for the new house.

4. Lighting

lightingThe lighting in your new apartment is never guaranteed to be friendly and adequate. Although, you will survive on it for some time but once the different areas start to take their initial shapes, you will find yourself panicking over the final look. This is why it is advisable to buy at least a couple of good lamps. The pro of this investment is that nice lighting does not cost much and there are a lot of second hand options available as well.

5. The Random yet Absolute Day-Savers

This includes everything little that it often forgotten or not taken seriously. Your tool box, first aid box, medications, flash lights, extension cords, batteries, routers, electronics, smoke detectors etc are some of the things without which you can not even imagine to settle. All these random things won’t cost you much and will surely help you a lot, especially once you start unpacking.


5 Things that Make Townsville Ideal for Living in Australia

While every other city has it’s own specialty, nothing beats Townsville. This laid back tropical city of Australia is not like any average tropical city, for Townsville is rich when it comes to city comforts. The resilience, diversity, lifestyle and economic potential of this Australian City attracts people from all over the world. It is regarded as one of the liveliest cities of Australia because of it’s dynamic and exciting lifestyle. But what does this second capital of Queensland offers, when some one wishes to move here ? Here’s is a list of things you can expect from this great city as you plan to move here:

1. World-class Facilities and Healthcare

When it comes to facilities like education and the health care, Townsville offers abundant of resources and outlets. With several educational institutes and training centers, Townsville surely is recognized as one of the most developed cities of Australia. Not only this, both public and private heath care options ensure that the residents can avail the best of options readily.

2. The Budget-Friendly Lifestyle

Although it is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations, for those who reside here know just how economical the lifestyle is. As compared to other states, the living costs in Townsville are comparatively lower. Not just the rentals, but maintenance services are cheaper as well. For instance, Townsville plumbers won’t cost you a fortune if you need their services, or even electricians are not very expensive. Although Townsville as a city is not so huge, therefore moving a little further out won’t be an issue too.

3. The Diverse Job Market

Townsville has a huge market, and in case you are looking for some job opportunity, there is a big fat chance that Townsville has something in stock for you. As compared to most other towns in Queensland, some of the huge Townsville markets looking for applicants include Defense forces, mining FIFO, local industry, tourism, local and state government. Due to such markets, Townsville has known to double its gross regional product too. With approximately $54 billion worth of projects currently in the pipeline, Townsville is all set to grow more.

4. Recreation and Fun at its Peak

When it comes to recreational activities, this city has just so much to offer. Be it the water sports or boasting the natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics, or the very vibrant nightlife you will not get tired of exploring. Not just this, but expect some great shopping centers and dining-in experiences as well, which means that this town has got something for everyone.

5. Expect a lot of National and International Events

Yearly, many events take place in Townsville, out of which the annual Australian Festival of Chamber Music creates a lot of international buzz. And if in case you are a artist, poet, or entertainer yourself, then you will get the chance to show case your talent in the Townsville Cultural Fest, every year.  The Townsville Civic Theater holds many local, national and international performances in different genres like dance, music, opera, comedy and drama.


6 Tips to Choose the Best Roofers in Portland

If you are dealing with a damaged roof and you need to replace it as soon as possible, then you should look for the best roofers in Portland to offer professional services in fixing, repairing, or replacing your roof. You need to make sure that you will be able to find an experienced and qualified Portland roofer to ensure that your money is worth it and you will be able to fix the roof in your home in no time. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind:

1. Ask for references in the local area

As much as possible, you should only hire local Portland roofers because that would reduce the chance of being scammed. Aside from that, local roofers know the rules and regulations in your local area, and they will be able to deal with the crews and suppliers around the area.

2. Check out the manufacturer designation

The manufacturer designation is some badge that you should look in your potential roofer because that will indicate that they have passed the standards and requirements and they are recognized and considered by the factory. To ensure that your roofer is skilled and professional, looking for their manufacturer designation can help you a lot.

3. Consider the safety

Since your roofer will be working on top of your house to fix your roof, you need to make sure that they can observe safety and proper practices so that you will be able to avoid accidents in the process of repairing your roof. That is why it is very important to look for the manufacturer designation so that you will be able to determine whether or not the roofer knows exactly what he is doing.

4. Look for insurance

Do not let them start their work if they have no insurance. As much as possible, you should protect yourself and your property in case anything happens. For instance, if the roofer got injured in the process of fixing your roof then you should make an agreement beforehand that you are not held liable or responsible for any incident that might occur during the work.

5. Check their license

Also, do not let them start their work if they refuse to show their license to you. It is not enough that they have already shown you the license and asked for a copy. Most states will require a license for a roofer so that they are now allowed to work in a certain area.

6. Be aware of the choices of materials

Make sure that you know what certain materials are they going to use and if it is sturdy and high quality or not. Your contractor should be able to present to you the materials that they are trying to sue, but it is better if you do your research so that you will be able to determine whether or not the material is suitable for your house and can last for a longer service life.